We’ve seen some rumors about the upcoming Nexus devices, particularly the “codenames” for the two, namely Marlin and Sailfish. They’re still a few months away from launching and will probably be timed with the announcement of Android N as well. But a new rumor that the folks over on Android Police have managed to sniff out is that there might be a redesign of the home and navigation buttons either for the new Nexus phones or Android N, or maybe both.

The online news site wants to clarify that they have a “7 out of 10 confidence level” on this rumor, since there is no corroborating source yet. However, rumors are rumors of course, and this one is accompanied by a leaked image, although it might be early days yet for a final design. What we’re seeing so far is that the home button is multi-colored and will have some sort of animation when long-pressed. The colors will be expanding in various directions until they will all file out.

Meanwhile, all the navigation buttons seem to be opaque, which is a subtle change from the current ones. This latter change may not cause any comment from Android users, but the home button with the multi-colors may become “controversial” to some extent. That is pretty normal for major changes, particularly when a lot of color is involved. But if it doesn’t change the functionality, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

What we’re not sure right now if this redesign is just for the upcoming new devices or if all those that will be updated to Android N will also get it. We’ll probably know more in the next few months.

VIA: Android Police