Google usually releases its new Nexus phones to coincide with the release of the new Android version, with the new smartphones being “exhibit A” for what a smartphone running the latest and greatest Android version should look like. We’re expecting at least two Nexus smartphones – one with smaller form factor than the other – as with last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. It looks like the people over at Android Police have got their hands on the spec list for what could be the smaller of the Nexus smartphone pair.

As always, there is no way to confirm rumors and leaks like these, especially since the sources will only talk on the promise of anonymity. But Android Police have given it a very high confidence rating, meaning that they more or less are willing to take the source’s word to the bank. Here are the specs as given by their source:

– Manufactured by HTC
– 5-inch 1080p display (~440PPI)
– Quad-core 2.0GHz 64-bit processor (model unknown)
– 2,770mAh battery
– 32GB storage (unknown if other variants will be available)
– 12MP rear camera, 8MP front
– Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner
– USB-C port (bottom)
– Bottom-firing speaker or speakers (unknown if dual)
– Top-mounted headphone jack
– Bluetooth 4.2

So, looking at the spec list, none of these specs are surprising. It will be manufactured by HTC, but we all knew that coming in. We hope that the 32GB model will be the baseline model, because truthfully, a 16GB variant just doesn’t cut it anymore. The small-ish battery will probably work, given that it has a smaller screen to power and a standard 1080p one at that.

There are no prices and dates, and we assume this will be running Android N when it comes out. No ideas yet on what camera sensors it will be using and what chipset it will sport. Such is the life we have, waiting on better information.

SOURCE: Android Police