After the ‘Explore around you’ option, Google Maps has just been updated with a new feature on navigation app. For those people who frequently go on road trips, you can now take advantage off adding pit stops or detours to your travels. Both iOS and Android app versions of Google Maps are getting this new feature: detours.

Pit stops are important because you usually look for one to refuel, change tires, change drivers, have a snack, or go to the restroom. Well, that’s pit stop for non-race car drivers–you and me.

The most important pit stop is actually just a gas station. Unfortunately for a lot of us, looking where to fuel up can be a challenge. Thank heavens for Google because you can just search for such information. But is there an app for that? Not exactly a new program but good ol’ Google Maps can provide you with more options for detours or pit stops like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The app will even show you reviews, ratings, and the time a particular detour will add your travel.

Roadtripping can be fun and easier now with the updates on Google Maps. Even when you don’t know a certain part of the country, you won’t get lost because the app will provide the things you need to know. Even before you hit the road, check the app first and plan your tour because you sure don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

SOURCE: Google Maps