Google Maps has served to be a very useful tool in many ways. From a simple mapping tool, it has expanded beyond its navigation duties. Now we have the Google Street View and Google Traffic plus Google Earth to enjoy. If you can’t go out and travel, you can at least rely on Google Maps for your many adventures even if just behind a screen.

If you depend on Google Maps when it comes to exploring new destinations, you can now take advantage of the new ‘Explore around you’ service. It’s a new option available in Google Maps for Android that delivers quick and accurate suggestions for places to dine in. So if you’re looking for a new restaurant to eat or drink when you’re in France, Spain, Germain, Italy, or Japan, you can choose this special option and the app will show the top-rated spots in an area where you are located.

Google Maps can tell you the top dining spots or a neighborhood watering hole in a timely manner. It will be useful especially if you’re always traveling but would still like to explore what’s popular or new in town.

Just click on the ‘Explore around you’ icon you see at the bottom of Google Maps. The results and options are listed by category. Photos are provided and you can easily swipe through them to check out the reviews and ratings from other tourists and diners.

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Google Maps may also suggest other places or information that have been popular or highly recommended by other visitors. Special categories like ‘Lieux mythiques’, ‘Brasseries classiques and Un verre avec une vue’, and ’En vue de la Tour Eiffel’ (mythical places, classic breweries, view of Eiffel Tower) are included. For those traveling to Japan, a few categories can be expanded to show some more information.

The Google Maps ‘Explore around you’ option is now available in the UK and the United States.

SOURCE: Google Maps