As we all know, many Android users outside the US had a chance to get Google Navigation Maps Beta to work on their phones. Unfortunately, a few days later, Google decided to block the access to this feature, but do not fret, there are always people working on counter measures.

The new hack comes via Brut.all from XDA-Devs, and the way is done is by manually uninstalling the existing version of Google Maps, next, you need to load a specially-tampered-with copy that restores the navigation functionality. There are still a few bugs, but this opens up a way for many non-US Android users to have the Google Navigation Maps on their phones. And it is also better than nothing.

We have to be aware that, sooner or later, Google could block the feature again, so enjoy it while it lasts. Also, this new hack is available to both, root and non-root android phones, but you have to make sure that you install the right one.