Google has something new for those who are always sentimental about all the memories and the places they’ve been and explored already. Others will not understand going back to memory lane but it’s not being dramatic. It’s about making and keeping memories that will last a lifetime. That becomes easier especially in this digital age where we can post, share, and save notes and photos anywhere in the web. Google knows how important it is to keep track of information and save them for future reference.

When it comes to digital mapping, Google Maps has always been the best and most useful source. Numerous tech depend on it because of its accuracy. Whether for business or personal use, Google Maps can be very reliable in locating a venue, navigation, mapping, and now this—keeping memories. The team behind Google Maps has recently introduced Your Timeline, a new way to remember the places you have already been. With this, you can view your past travels and see where you spend most of your time.

Google’s Your Timeline will show photos you have in a particular place. So you’ve been to France? Your Timeline will show photos of your Parisian adventure. It’s very visual so it’s one useful and creative way to remember those places and the memories you had even if the trip happened a few weeks, months, or years ago. This service is integrated with Google Photos so images saved on your account can show up on Your Timeline.

Your Timeline can be accessed only if you save your Location History with Google. Don’t worry about your photos being available to all because they are only visible to you. The service is private and can be controlled. It’s up to you to decide which locations you want to save. You can also delete or edit any information if you like.

With Your Timeline, users are given more efficient ways to control and view location data. It can be a helpful tool to managing both Google and Location History settings if you allow Google to remember those things for you. Once enabled, Google can use those information to bring more relevant Now notifications whenever you need one.

SOURCE: Google