Sending money to friends via the Facebook Messenger has been ready since last year. It’s only available in the United States though but looks like that will change soon. No, the exact feature isn’t expanding to other countries and regions yet but the top social network has just introduced the possibility of sending and receiving money between people in one group. This is ready on Messenger as a free and fast mobile payment service. It allows a number of people chip in for something that needs to be purchased or paid for already.

Say for example you’re eating in a restaurant and need to split the bill, just request money from your friends and they can send their payment. Group Payments in Messenger is simple and easy to use. Within a Group Messenger conversation, click on the plus sign you will see at the bottom left of the screen to open more feature. Choose the $ icon for payment, choose a friend or everyone to send or request money from, indicate the amount or the total to divide. Make sure you write down what is the payment request for because some people intentionally “forget” they owe you. Click on ‘Request’.

This feature can also show you who has paid already, all the Request Details, and can securely save your debit card information. Service is only available in the United States at the moment. No mention if and when it will also roll out in other places.

SOURCE: Facebook