It may only have two smartwatches (soon to three) running under its platform but Android Wear may soon be the most popular one for wearables. With Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch and the entry this summer of the Moto 360, the first round face smartwatch, it is poised to slowly gain in popularity, at least for the Android community. Google uploaded four new ads on their YouTube channel, showcasing the capabilities and beauty of smartwatches running on Android Wear.

The new videos are vastly different from the mostly technical ones that Google has been posting on their channel. This time around, they are like TV spots that show how you’ll be able to incorporate Android Wear into your everyday life. The longest one clocks at 30 seconds and is a lovely compilation of how different people and lifestyles will be able to use smartwatches. Each different scene is interconnected with visual and aural cues.

The other three videos are shorter, and talks about specific capabilities of Android Wear. “Safari at a glance” shows a woman in a safari using voice search on her smartwatch to find out information right then and there.

“Fashionably late at a glance” shows a woman using the voice feature of her smartwatch to send a text message.

“Surf’s up at a glance” meanwhile shows a guy checking on the traffic through Google Now on Android Wear before deciding to go back to surf again.

We’re not sure if these ads will make their way to TV screens but for now, you can enjoy them on YouTube, while dreaming of having your own Android Wear device, if you don’t have one yet. Anticipation is high for the release of the Moto 360, as it’s also the first one to have ambient light sensor. It’s expected to come out worldwide during the summer.

SOURCE: YouTube Google