There are numerous keyboard apps already available for Android on the Google Play Store but a Google-developed app seems more special. The Google Keyboard was last updated November 2014 with Material Design in mind. App was recently  updated with enhanced accuracy, better suggestions, gesture auto-completion, and easier syncing.

The Google Keyboard app now offers improved accuracy for gesture tying and word completions. The app can now also learn your inputs and remembers them so you will have better suggestions next time. Predictive text has been improved as well thanks to the gesture auto-complete feature that completes a word even before you finish a certain gesture on the screen.

Unlike other keyboard apps, this one syncs user history across your devices to improve word suggestion over time. You can enable this feature in Google Keyboard settings. As with any other updates, this version brings stability, several bug fixes, and battery life improvement.

No need to use the spacebar when typing on the Google Keyboard. Simply glide through those letters to enter the words with Gesture Typing or do it with Voice Typing especially when you are travelling, driving, or doing something else. This app also integrates emoji so you can just choose an emoji to easily express yourself without having to type a word.

Many languages are already supported by Google Keyboard: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, and Russian among others. More keyboard layouts have been added as well, like Afrikaans, Armenian, Hungarian, Malay, Nepali, Thai, Vietnamese, and Uzbek.

Download Google Keyboard from the Google Play Store