Google Keyboard 4.0

With the impending arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google is also busy updating some of its native apps. Expect to see more Google-developed apps to show off what Material Design is all about.

The Material theme will soon be obvious on Google apps. After the main Google app being updated, the Google Keyboard also gets a new version. However, it’s not widely available yet but the APK has been released.

The Internet giant put back the configurable long-press duration. If you want to try the Material themes, just go to the settings and choose Material Dark or Material Light. Not much details have been given but looks like the updated Google Keyboard will have a new look and design—-much different from what we’re used to.

Google is pushing the download to phones and tablets in the next few days. Rollout might be slow though but feel free to install the APK yourself. That is, if your hacking skills are good. Otherwise, wait for Google to release Google Keyboard 4.0 on the Google Play Store.

Google doesn’t often update the keyboard but when it does, we can expect to see major changes. The last update we saw was December last year when the option for blue or white was released and earlier this year with personalized suggestions. But before Keyboard 4.0 is made available, the Android L Keyboard APK for non-rooted devices was sighted. That one could be this Keyboard 4.0 we’re about to see.

VIA: Android Police