In case some of you aren’t aware, let this update be a eye-opener that the fine folks over at Google released the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean keyboard to the world. The one with next-word prediction, gesture typing (like Swype and SwiftKey Flow) and much more. It’s my personal favorite keyboard and they put it up for everyone on the Play Store earlier this month.

Google Keyboard is available for all Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above, but currently is region restricted to the USA only. It’s been available for a mere two weeks and Google’s already busy improving and updating it. This will allow Google to enhance features for all, without updating their OS like previous years. We love it.

Google’s slowly added their key apps to the Play Store for faster updates, and the keyboard is no different. Today we’re seeing the first of many updates for Google Keyboard, and many HTC owners should be happy. The update only lists a few changes, but they are important.

• Tuned keypress-vibration strength on some devices.
• Fixed bugs in settings, language switching, and elsewhere.

The update apparently fixed a bug that was causing the Google Keyboard to crash on many HTC devices like the DNA and HTC One. I can confirm that myself, but it’s not mentioned here by Google. We’ve heard reports that the Note II issues have been fixed too. Instead it talks about fine tuning vibration settings, as well as language switching. This means future updates should enable the keyboard in other regions and with more languages soon.

We love that Google’s adding all their key apps and elements to the Play Store for faster updates. Making the Android OS an even better and faster evolving machine. Get it from the link below.

SOURCE: Play Store