Just yesterday we told you about how Google Keyboard will be more customizable when Android Nougat rolls in and how those who are on the Android N preview can actually experience these changes already. Well apparently, the latest update to the virtual keyboard has brought those customization options to everyone who has installed the app and of course for those who plan to install it after reading this. The app is actually getting pretty close to its competitors in terms of features and functions so that’s great news for those who love Google products.

The most important part of this update is the fact that you can choose which theme to use for your keyboard instead of the ole boring generic ones you had to use previously. There are more than 15 themes that you can choose from and that includes a lot of different color variants. Since you spend a lot of time on your mobile keyboard, having something appealing to your eyes should make it easier for you.

You will also be able to use your own image as a background for your keyboard. However that might prove to be a little distracting. You can adjust the brightness and opacity of course to make it better. You will also be able to toggle on and off the key borders in case you need to make the keys stand out more. The update also brings support for Unicode 9 emojis, but you’ll only be able to see it on Android N and not Marshmallow.


The update for Google Keyboard version 5.1 has already started rolling out but incrementally. You can always grab an APK if you’re too impatient but you can also wait.

VIA: Greenbot