There were a few goodies given away at this year’s Google I/O Developers Conference, and a few of those who went were admittedly happy that they were given a choice of either an LG G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live to take home. The happiest, we think, are those who sat down for the keynote, who will be getting Motorola’s spanking new wearable – the Moto 360 – in their mail soon.

The watch hasn’t been officially announced yet, but of course, we all know about it. The shipping to the keynote attendees may well come in time for the “official” announcement. We have to wait and see if Motorola chooses to time it that way, but we see nothing that would say that they wouldn’t – it’s too great a marketing chance to waste.


For everyone who attended the I/O 2014 keynote, September 4 is your day. But a couple of caveats, as seen in the official letter the good fellows at SlashGear received, the device will only be shipped to countries where the wearable is designated to launch. The letter also indicates a sort of “first come, first serve” mechanism in play, but the big thing is that if you live in a country where the Moto 360 is designated to launch, you’re in good shape to get it at that date, or thereabouts.

Most people were hoping for a global launch, but it seems that we won’t be getting that – at least not yet. We will have to see until the official launching of the newfangled watch-gadget how Motorola chooses to proceed. But in general terms, the Moto 360 may be very, very near launch date now, and we are all excited.

VIA: SlashGear