There’s no escaping Google. The search giant is giving both geeks and mere mortals more reasons to love the company by introducing Drive for Education. This is a follow up to the Drive for Work premium version introduced earlier this year.

Google Apps for Education is already widely being used in many homes, schools, and offices. About 30 million students and teachers are using the apps, the Drive included. Because of Google’s Drive convenience, it has replaced their physical bookbags. Why lug around heavy books, binders, and other documents when you can store all them on the Drive? Documents are then accessible from any tablet, browser, smartphone, or Chromebook.

The Drive for Education is larger in scope and is more secure. Unlike Drive for Work, this is free for all educators and students–and is ad-free (hooray!). Features include unlimited storage. You can actually save individuals files up to 5TB in size. There’s also the Google Apps Vault that will aid in search and discovery for compliance needs. To easily see a file’s activity, there’s enhance auditing that includes auditing and reporting tools and an Audit API.

Drive for Education is ultra-secure. Google won’t compromise your files security as each of them is encrypted on the Google Servers and while being transferred to data centers or from a device to the cloud.

Google also recently introduced the Classroom, a special app that automatically organizes all Classroom assignments into Drive folders for a more convenient access. With all these and more, Google is set to make a big change in education by providing a “safe, effective, and compliant learning environment” as promised by the company.

SOURCE: Google for Education