Google has detailed the latest changes dealing with the Apps for Education setup. And nicely, this one means those users will be seeing less in terms of advertisements. The reasoning here is to better protect the privacy of the “more than” 30 million students, teachers and administrators using Apps for Education.

Moving forward the “enable/disable” toggle for ads has been removed from the Apps for Education Administrator console. And to clarify — this is said to have been a “permanent” removal. Of course, this is more a follow-up step as the ads had always been turned off by default. Google also removed them from Google Search for signed-in K-12 users last year.

Along with the permanent removal of the toggle, Google also stopped the advertisements within Gmail for Apps for Education. Simply put, this means Google is no longer able to “collect or use student data in Apps for Education services for advertising purposes.” Seems like some welcomed changes all around.

Otherwise, while the specifics have yet to be fully revealed, there was also mention of similar changes coming to other Google Apps customers. Google said this would include Business, Government and legacy users of the free version. For now things were left with the promise of more details when the rollout is complete.

SOURCE: Official Enterprise Blog