Oreo Space Dunk

We’re more certain now that Google won’t call the next Android version Oreo. The company has already showed us an Oreo cake and boxes of Pocky as teasers for the Android O and Android P. We’ve learned the past few years that when the tech giant shows a new dessert, there is a big chance it won’t be the next one. Remember the New York Cheesecake last year? The Android N was nicknamed as such but it was officially called as Android Nougat.

The Android devs must be having a blast referring to it as Oreo. We’re imagining Oreo cookies on tables everywhere at the Googleplex. Maybe that’s why we’re hearing about this OREO Space Dunk which is part of the ‘OREO Dunk Challenge’. It’s a marketing campaign across TV, print, and digital formats promoting the famous cookie. As if Oreo still needs further advertising, Google is taking this opportunity to show off the relationship between the cookie and a glass of milk.

Dunk the Oreo cookie in milk. That’s the best way to enjoy Oreo. But for the modern geeks, you can try “dunking” and launching Oreo cookies into space. It’s a special experience for the fans who would want to take a break from consuming too much sugar. At least in this OREO Dunk Challenge, you can still show your love for the cookie and milk and not add more calories.

Developed by The ZOO, 360i, and Carat, this OREO Space Dunk is a web-based app that makes use of Google Maps. All you need to do is virtually launch OREO cookies in space but first you have to scan a real Oreo cookie. Doing so will unlock a special mobile site for this.

To launch the cookie, swing your phone into the air then with the help of Google Earth and Google Street View, you can dunk it into a glass of milk place somewhere. App was launched in the United States last February 21. It should be available globally in the coming weeks.

SOURCE: Google Agency Blog