Google for Jobs initiative

Believe us when we say that looking for a new job is challenging. Even if you’re only searching for part-time work, it can be difficult to get that one where you will be utilized to your fullest potential. More often than not, people end up taking jobs that are not a good fit. You may see hundreds to thousands of job listings but you have a lot of competition for that one position.

The developers at Google know there is a demand for a solution in job matching so they are introducing Google for Jobs. It was actually announced at the Google I/O last month to help companies, employees, and job seekers to find the right people and jobs. This initiative takes advantage of the Cloud Jobs API which can utilize machine learning in searching for jobs and resumes.

Simply put, Google is improving search for jobs. Search results are optimized and are made more relevant to you, your skills, and location. You will see important information like reviews, ratings, job description, or distance from your location. It will be an enhanced search experience for anyone looking for new employers or employees.

Google has teamed up with different and reliable organizations in the job matching industry such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, Monster, CareerBuilder, DirectEmploers, and WayUp among others. Expect more improvements in the coming months as Google and these companies continue to work on the database and documentation.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)