This weekend, Google celebrated the 119th anniversary of the creation of the Sundae, that yummy soda fountain confection of ice cream, fudge, nuts and whipped cream with a cherry on top. Yummy dessert to be sure. But blogs are ablaze that it’s something more than a delicious ice cream parfait. Some think it’s the new flavor of Android.

The rumor mill for Google is getting as contagious as the Cupertino variant. But with how often a new flavor of Android comes out, and considering that Android 2.4 was always rumored to be called “Ice Cream,” is Android (Sundae) that much of a stretch? And would it be vs. 4 or a dot upgrade of 3?

Seriously, a Google doodle logo as some sort of vague hint to the faithful? Seems like a stretch even for Google. So for the time being, we’re going to call this a wild rumor and nothing more. On the other hand, we like us some yummy ice cream sundaes. So if Google wants to treat everyone to some dessert, we’ll certainly be there. Can I have mine with Caramel instead of fudge please?

[via Metro]