We had a feeling this one will follow: shopping on Google Home with a little help from the Google Assistant. We didn’t forget that “accidental” shopping by Alexa who “heard” a little girl wanting to buy a dollhouse and cookies. Immediately, Amazon did some adjustments to the authentication and security settings. Google may have seen a gold mine in the idea of home shopping just by asking a smart speaker and voice assistant so it’s launching shopping with the Google Assistant on Google Home.

Google has Google Express and retailers opening up their shops for simple items and everyday essentials. You can buy from over 50 available local and national retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods Market, Costco, PetSmart, and Walgreens among others. It’s one easy, quick, and convenient way to buy stuff that you always need. Simply say “OK Google, order this or that”. Google Home will order for you right away. Expect delivery the next day or whenever Google Express has indicated.

Make sure you set up your account correctly including mode of payment, default credit card, and the right delivery address. You can shop as often as you like but there are limits as to what you can buy and from what stores. If you sign up starting today until April 30, 2017, you won’t be asked for any membership or service fee. Feel free to sign up HERE today and set up payments for Google Assistant on Google Home before you start shopping.

SOURCE: Google