Amazon definitely made Alexa a success. It’s now integrated in several devices and we know more will play with it. Unfortunately though, Alexa had some boo boos recently. The latest was a little girl’s “accidental” order of 4 lbs. of Royal Dansk Butter Cookies and a KidKraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse worth $160. The order was any girl’s dream toy but it was too pricey. Brooke Neitzel, 6, was innocently talking to Alexa about something she wanted and may have mistakenly asked to give her such.

Well, Alexa was one obedient voice assistant. That’s somehow a good thing because you know Alexa and Echo Dot can do the job. Apparently, ordering it was a mistake. Little Brooke’s interaction with Alexa was innocent and her mother was surprised to receive the package and the bill. Neither Megan nor her husband ordered the items from Amazon so they wanted to find out what happened.

The daughter was honest enough to say she was “talking to Alexa about a dollhouse and cookies”. The mother checked her Amazon app and there was a record of Brooke saying “Can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?”. She even replied “I love you so much!” when the order was confirmed.

It wasn’t the child’s fault and neither was it Alexa’s. The parents have learned their lesson and so the parental controls have been activated. For purchases, a four-digit code is now required. The Neitzel children, Brooke and her older brothers, are also now reminded of their rules. The Echo Dot and Alexa will still be part of the household but the voice assistant is back to just being a source of jokes, answers, and information.

Six year old girl asks Alexa to order a dollhouse and cookies…accidentally

As for the orders, the family will keep the cookies but they will be donating the dollhouse to charity.