Google is finally ditching the SMS text messaging available on Hangouts. The Android version specifically will no longer allow the feature beginning May 22, 2017. This news was shared over on a Reddit thread since a member posted an email update he received from Google. Carrier texting has been a helpful and efficient feature but some changes must be made. This isn’t an early step to deactivation though. In fact, Google Hangouts is still being improved with group chat messaging and video meetings. But then again Google is shutting down Hangouts API and existing apps only until April 25.

Google sent out a message to Hangouts users saying SMS is moving out of Hangouts. Google Voice numbers will still be available. Only SMS sent and received will be removed. This means you will soon no longer read messages sent through Hangouts if there is no internet connection.

You may need to search for a new SMS messaging app if you want to continue such messages to be sent. This way, you can view all messages in one app. If you always use Hangouts for sending instant messages and SMS, always check if messages get through from now on.

Honestly, we’re not sure how this change will be better because we know some people might get confused. To be safe, just send an SMS from your device’s default messaging feature.

Google has sent the following reminders. If you haven’t received an email yet, read on:

For SMS users using Google Voice on Hangouts on Android Google Voice users who also send carrier SMS messages will need to choose another default messaging app. Their Google Voice messages will be unaffected and will still be available in Google Hangouts.

For Google Voice users on Hangouts on Android Google Voice users who do not use carrier SMS text messaging will not be affected and no notification will be shown.

For non-SMS users on Hangouts on Android No notification will be shown to users who do not have Hangouts enabled as the default SMS messenger app on their device.

Still confused? Contact G Suite support directly for more information.

VIA: Reddit