Google’s Nexus Q media streamer was short-lived, and canceled shortly after being revealed at last years Google I/O event. With no word on a replacement at this years show, we’re now seeing its successor hit the FCC. A new Google device branded as H840 DEVICE has cleared the FCC this week (product code H2G2-42, an apparent play on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and it has our interest piqued.

The listing doesn’t reveal tons of details, but mentions that this new device “functions as a media player” among other things. The FCC listing is being backed and protected by a confidentiality report, so we’re stuck with very little details, for now.


Unlike many device that clear the FCC, this wasn’t sent through with any test photos, or they are being withheld from our site, so all we have is the picture you see above. It certainly has Google all over it, mentions media player, and us currently under testing by the FCC. As you all know a new Nexus Q wasn’t announced this year at Google I/O, but neither was a new Nexus phone or a new version of Android. It still could be coming though.

Google could be preparing to announce a new Nexus Q type media device, as well as the rumored Android 4.3 and white Nexus 4 on June 10th. At least according to multiple tips, leaks, and reports. Details from Droid-Life state this device could be codenamed “Wolfie” and be Google’s answer to the Nexus Q and the OUYA game-console in one. This new H840 could be tied into Google Games, and double as a media streamer, among other things.

Personally, we feel Google needs a device that does Google TV, Games, and streaming all in one. Now that would make more sense. Google announced a new music-streaming service at I/O this year, Google Music All Access, now we just need this new media streamer to go along with it to rock out our living rooms. Stay tuned for more details.


VIA: SlashGear


  1. Everyone pre-order so that when this one flops, Google will send you one free of charge. >>>Absolutely joking<<< Android user here. 🙂

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