Google Glass hasn’t seen very much attention during Google I/O, however there is a bit of good news in terms of a new update. It seems Google has begun rolling out the XE18.3 update. We first saw details on this update when Google detailed the hardware changes for Glass earlier in the week.

We suspect some of the current Explorers are still disappointed they will not automatically get the newest hardware, but this update does add a few nice features. For one, XE18.3 brings a viewfinder, which should make it a bit easier (especially for new Glass users) to frame pictures. Once updated you’ll be able to activate the viewfinder by saying Ok Glass, show the viewfinder.


Additionally, you can also activate the viewfinder with the touchpad. This is a matter of (assuming Glass is already awake) scrolling over to the Show viewfinder card. Once there you tap to activate, and then choose whether you want to take a picture or record video. This was the big addition this time around, but Google also touched on pairing and recovery with XE18.3.

New Glass users (or those starting fresh after a restore) will be able to pair with their phone by tapping the Bluetooth card, selecting Android or iPhone and then following the step-by-step directions that will be provided. And lastly, the recovery mode option should benefit those who are dealing with frequent crashing or getting stuck in on the boot screen. Google provided the following directions for entering recovery mode.

“Turn off Glass, hold the camera button, then press the power button once. Continue to hold the camera button for about 10 seconds and Glass will go into Recovery Mode. With the camera button, you can navigate and select different debugging options, including one to reset your device into a good state.”

SOURCE: Google