Google has been rolling out updates for Glass every month with the previous being XE9. That one arrived earlier in the month and it removed the need for a tethering plan. Anyway, there is still a few weeks before the next update is expected to arrive, but it looks like some details have already begun leaking. Following the pattern, this update will be arriving as XE10 and according to new reports, it will focus on third-party apps.

It was said that Google will be allowing users to install third-party apps with the XE10 update. The details are coming by way of who are reporting how this update will be “the most significant update yet for both developers and users.” Basically, we are talking Glassware. Further details here point towards the update as offering developers access to the sensors for motion tracking and development.

It was also said that developers will be able to set their own voice commands which in turn, means the user will be able to launch the app using the “Ok Glass” menu. Based on previous history, these Glass updates tend to arrive around the middle of the month. Looking back and the XE9 update arrived just after the 15th and the XE8 update arrived just before the 15th.

Aside from simply rolling the XE10 update to Glass users, Google is expected to do a bit more this time around. Details suggest the XE10 update will include a launch announcement with Google that allows some of these developers to showcase their apps. Time will tell if these details are accurate, however either way, it looks like the XE10 update will be arriving fairly soon.