Right on time Google has just issued another update to Google Glass explorer edition users devices, bringing software version XE8 to the masses. As promised we’ll receive an update each month with improvements and fixes, and this month it appears they focused heavily in content and voice commands.

We received tons of new Google Now cards that deliver info you want and need, and voice commands to make life easier. The XE8 update started rolling out late last night, and should be hitting Glass as we speak. Here at Android Community we fired up the set and quickly pulled it down, and are now enjoying plenty of new Google Now cards.

A simple swipe backwards on the touchpad will bring up plenty of useful Google Now cards with information for restaurants, hotels, and events nearby. Reminders for dinner reservations, hotel check-in’s and more. Emergency alerts (amber and weather alerts) as well as nearby movie theaters and show times have also been included. It’s the little things folks!


These new cards join other updates such as Weather, Sports, and Traffic reports. All I need to know is whether I’ll hit traffic on the way home, and if I do, what the score is as my Packers beat whoever they play in the NFL. And now we have that too. Lastly they’ve added a few new voice commands to play nice with Path and Evernote such as “Ok Glass, take a note” and “Post an update” just to name a few.

They’ve also added some video player controls for the CNN news and video Glass application, and we’re all wondering if we’ll get YouTube next. The full details are available from their Google+ homepage linked below.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass