Getting directions for driving, cycling, and walking has always been rather easy using Google Maps on our smartphones, but today Google’s showing off an even easier way. How exactly can it get easier you ask? Using Google Glass and the always listening voice commands to quickly search for, find, and get directions for all your destinations.

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of Google Glass in the news as of late, especially with Google boosting the amount of these types of videos we’re seeing here today. Whether you’re using Glass to help you cook, learn technique while playing sports, or anything else, Glass makes it easier.

At least that’s what Google wants us to think. I personally love the idea, but we know it has its doubters. Today Google took to their G+ page and teased a nice video showing three different yet extremely use cases for Google Glass getting directions. Take a peek below.

This week Glass was updated to software version XE8, which brought new Google Now cards for nearby places, restaurants, and much more. While getting directions isn’t new with Glass, the new cards make it better and easier than ever. Now we just need them to be commercially available for that rumored $299 price point, then we’ll be happy.