Google Glass seems to be getting quite a bit of attention lately, both good and bad. We’ve seen the crime reports coming out of San Francisco and we’ve also seen plenty of coverage dealing with Glass in the workplace. Google introduced the Glass at Work initiative, but there has also been some talk of Glass being used in the emergency room and for a field trial to help those with Parkinson’s.

Flash forward till today and it looks like there is another medical professional putting Glass to use. This latest Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a plastic surgeon from New York. According to Kassir, Glass is a “game changer for doctors.” He talks about using Glass to take pictures, record video and access medical records.


In fact, he mentioned how he is coming up with new uses for Glass every day. On the flip side, it also seems his patients are not bothered by his use of Glass noting how “every one of them thinks it’s cool.” Kassir is making use of the Wink for Picture option and also live-streaming surgeries for medical students. He has also used Glass to replace a mirror by looking at a patient and having their face displayed in real time on a screen in his office.

Anyway, while Glass seems to be rather helpful in a medical setting — it still brings the question for other use cases. There has been plenty of discussion going back and forth in terms of who needs Glass. The key with that — up until now many have been able to accept they simply couldn’t buy Glass because it was invite only. But that will be changing tomorrow. Well, for one day anyway. Google will be selling Glass sans invite beginning at 6AM PST on April 15, 2014.

VIA: phoneArena