Google Glass seems to be in a constant state of update and change. Of course, that comes as a direct result of the Explorer program. And while there is still quite a bit of growth and education needed in terms of making everyone feel comfortable being around Glass, we are now getting a look at the Glass at Work initiative from Google.

Details for Glass at Work are still on the slim side. For now, Google has said this comes as a result of them seeing Explorers using Glass to help push their business forward. Google is also reaching out to developers who are currently “creating software for U.S. based enterprises” in an effort to have them help shape the future of Glass at Work.

Skybox for Google Glass at Verizon Center 2

So far what we are seeing is aimed more at the developer side. But as we often see — once the developers push stuff, the public can benefit. That seems to be the case here. Google is offering a bit of a look at what the Washington Capitals and Schlumberger are doing with Glass.

In the case of the Washington Capitals — Glass Explorers will see some extra perks if they wear their wearable to a game. The hockey team partnered with APX Labs and have built a fan experience that offers real time stats, instant replays and different camera angles — all using the Glass on your face.

Schlumberger, a name that may not be as familiar to everyone, is said to be the “world’s largest oilfield service company.” They are doing something for employees. This one may not be as exciting as getting perks at a hockey game, but it may be more beneficial as it deals with safety. Schlumberger partnered with Wearable Intelligence and will be using Glass to increase safety and efficiency for their field employees.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass


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