Google has been expected to offer support for prescription lenses with Glass. We first learned that earlier in the year, however it wasn’t until much more recently that we started to get an idea of when that would arrive. Google Glass v2.0 was unveiled late last month and one of the perks for the new hardware was support for prescription lenses.

Granted, that didn’t give much for a timeline, but as of today we are seeing a bit more in terms of when. For now the when is a simple “early 2014.” The details come by way of Tim Moore of Venture Glass. Moore has joined Rochester Optical and will be working with the Research & Development team in wearable technology and also offering digital support to the Marketing team.

As this is more of an announcement about Moore joining Rochester Optical, the specifics in terms of the prescription lenses are still on the lighter side. Aside from the early 2014 timeframe, there was mention of Rochester Optical getting ready to produce “custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for Google Glass.” In the meantime, current Glass Explorers should be looking to have their existing hardware swapped for the 2.0 model.

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Aside from support for prescriptions lenses in Glass v2.0, the other noticeable difference came with the earbud. Google is including a mono earbud with these new shipments. The shipments bit is also key for those just coming into the Explorer program. Google used to require Glass to be picked up and fitted in person. This latest round has Google doing the Glass orientations over Hangouts.

While this next bit isn’t specific to the new Glass hardware, the XE11 update arrived yesterday. This update has added support for Home and Work directions as well as Calendar search and also improved the screencasting experience a bit. Those who had been using Glass prior to the update may also notice the long press has been removed in favor of a three-tap process to wake Glass.

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SOURCE: +Tim Moore, PR Web