There are still plenty of questions related to Google Glass, however it seems we are slowly but surely seeing a bit more in terms of the prescription lens setup. The pricing of the frames, from Rochester Optical, was quietly revealed a short while back and now there is a bit more in terms of the available design and colors. This latest bit has been shared by Tim Moore and they will follow the GOLD standard.

The GOLD standard in this case is one from Rochester Optical and simply means they are able to provide “best all-around visual acuity in all fields of vision, including the heads-up display.” While we cannot argue with the importance of the lens, we suspect some are more curious in terms of the style and color and overall look of the frames.

We have yet to see images for all the colors and different styles, however Rochester Optical has said these will be a full frame design with various available options for shapes, looks and colors. To that point, the color list includes, but is not limited to, Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton and Sky. It was also said these will be available in eight different shapes and that they will look like regular glasses.


There should be more information coming sooner rather than later at this point, possibly even a look at some of these colors and styles. For now though, last we heard was how Rochester Optical would have pre-orders beginning shortly after CES 2014. And as for that price, that will begin at $99.99. Of course, we suspect that could vary widely depending on which options you choose.

SOURCE: Google+ Tim Moore