There had been some recent talk about how the Google Glass XE11 update was setting the path for Play Music support. At the time that talk was based on details discovered by users taking a deep dive in the update, however a more recent update has confirmed the support. The details have been shared on the official +GoogleGlass page and are asking users to “look for an email in the next few weeks.”

We suspect there will be more details in the coming weeks, however Google has updated the Glass page with some key bits. Not to mention, a recent Glass Explorer Story video has appeared with the focus on, you guessed it, music. That video can be seen sitting below, and otherwise, the newly update Glass page talks Play Music support and Glass Earbuds.

At this time Google has mentioned how “your favorite songs from Google Play Music” are coming soon to Glass. And in addition, this support will not only include your tracks, but those available from All Access as well. There hasn’t been much revealed on the Glass Earbuds either, however we are getting a bit of a look.

These appear to be set with two wires, and taking advantage of the same jack that we saw used for the mono earbud. For now Google has simply said these will be “lightweight and uniquely engineered to deliver crisp, full-range audio while still letting your hear your surroundings.” In addition, the Glass Earbuds will also be customizable with interchangeable color caps.

SOURCE: Google