Google released last week an update to the software on Google Glass that contained the usual updates and fixes you’d expect for the eyewear. Unbeknownst to many, however, is that the update also contained almost all the necessary pieces for what could only be an upcoming support for Google’s music streaming service.

The XE11 update was part of a series of glad tidings that Google unleashed on Google Glass owners and spectators last week, which included announcements of revamped hardware and new accessories, among other things. The update introduced changes to interaction with the device, using the now iconic “ok, glass” trigger phrase. Apparently, the Glass developers also snuck in some hidden features that were probably used for internal testing, which can now be used by everyone else by downloading the Google Play Music APK from the link below.

Once the APK has been pushed to Google Glass via the Android SDK’s adb (Android Debug Bridge) tool, Glass wearers will be able to turn their eyewear into a portable jukebox with the the trigger “ok glass, listen to”, providing song title, artist name, or playlist from the user’s Google Play Music uploads or from his or her All Access subscription. A card stays pinned on the Glass display to allow users to control playback, though hopefully the card won’t be too distracting.

Google has yet to announce Google Play Music support for its eyewear, so all of this is unofficial and could change or even be disabled at any moment with a new update. At the moment, audio is played through the bone conduction speaker, though the upcoming earbud accessories will most likely improve the listening experience.

Download: Google Android Music APK
VIA: Engadget
SOURCE: Phandroid