We still have some time before Google releases Glass for consumers, however it looks like the display technology may have been decided. Based on details coming out of a recent Korea Times report, Google will be using Samsung’s organic light-emitting diode technology (OLED) for Glass. For now the details are coming by way of still unnamed sources.

The report notes the “company’s top management has recently approved a business proposal by Samsung Display to use its OLED screens for Google Glass.” Samsung had recently been called the “undisputed king of the global Android smartphone industry” and assuming this plays out as it is being reported — having the Samsung display technology used in Glass seems like it only help to further that thought.

The two companies, despite some reports, remain on good terms. In fact, Sundar Pichai touched on that subject a short while back when he said Samsung “is a great partner to work with.” More to that point, he showed off his personal GALAXY S 4 and then spoke about how they work with Samsung on almost all their important projects.

This of course, is likely where the Google Edition GALAXY S 4 came into play. Looking back, that handset was unveiled during Google I/O and will be available in late-June. For those who missed that bit, the Google Edition GALAXY S 4 is a Nexus-like handset that will be running a vanilla installation and eligible for speedy updates.

Otherwise, the Korea Times report also mentioned that Google CEO Larry Page recently inspected Samsung’s OLED production lines in Tangjeong. Finally, while the end results of using Samsung’s OLED technology in Glass has yet to be seen, this could lead to changes dealing with the overall size and possibly the efficiency in terms of power.

VIA: phoneArena