The one day invitation-free Google Glass sale has already come to a close. Google ended that last evening with a welcome to the new Explorers and a mention about how “all spots” had been filled. It now seems Google is going to keep up the momentum, and a recently released Design Minutes video is talking about just that — Glass.

The video clocks in at nearly three minutes in length, and it mentions some interesting little pieces about the design concept that went into Glass. For example, they focused on making Glass look “simple” and about how they have been extremely concerned with weight.

Glass was intended to weigh in at less than 65 grams. There was also mention about how the latest prototype weighs just 43 grams. Another interesting takeaway from the video was about how “the most important part of designing is prototype.” That brings one of the highlights of the video — a look at several of the earlier designs, one of which is a phone strapped to a pair of glasses.

Those who think this latest round of Glass look bad, bulky or geeky should check out the video because after seeing some of those earlier prototypes — you may have a new opinion. Anyway, there wasn’t any firm details about what could be expected with future Glass releases, but things did close with a bit of talk about how you have to be able to make things work with the bare minimum.