Google recently rolled out an update for Glass. That one arrived as the XE7 update and while it brought notable features such as a web browser and improvements to the voice controls — it seems Google may not have detailed everything. It appears as if quite a few hints as to what could be coming were hidden in amongst those new features.

When Google will choose to push these forward remains unknown, however it does appear as if the explorers have a few things to look forward to with future updates. That said, the details are coming by way of the Github page for Zhuowei who broke down items to include a system for locking Glass, a special app market for Glassware apps, an MP3 player and a few other smaller items such as a mysterious red microphone icon and a not yet functional package installer.

Perhaps the most interesting here is the system to lock Glass. Google has already confirmed they had been working on something for this. Not to mention, we have seen an unofficial app that arrived under the name of Bulletproof. Basically, from what it looks like Google will have the lock system with four components and swiping gestures. The code shows the user could flick between each of the lock components and be able to set a pattern of swipes with the side touchpad.

Next up here is the Glassware app Boutique. Similar to the lock system, this one is not functional at the moment. But again the code does reveal some details and it looks like this will be a special version of the Android Market with for Glassware apps. The code contains the mention of Boutique and it appears as if this will allow for the synchronization to Glass of Glassware apps as well as native APK files.


The other is the MP3 player which looks like it will include support for audio as well as video. The details revealed in the code appears to show more of the audio side here, but again — this is all an early and pieced together look. The MP3 functionality appears to have support for the usual array of features including the ability to play and pause, skip forward and previous as well as details about the album and artist information using cards. There is also a volume control in the Settings that will allow users to adjust the volume of the bone-conduction speaker.

With that, while there were mentions for these items hidden in the code that came with the latest Glass update — Google has yet to say when or if they will be rolling these out for users. We hope to see some arrive in the next update, but as always, we are on the timeline of Google and simply have to sit back and wait.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Github (zhuowei)