Being July 1st Google is right on schedule and has issued another update out for Google Glass. Keeping true to their monthly update promise today they’ve delivered a pretty solid set of improvements. This time around focusing on voice commands and controls, after all Glass is mainly a hands-free device, and they’ve added web browsing. As Google put it, we can do “MOAR MOAR MOAR” with Glass.

While last month and the XE6 update improved the camera, added HDR, and slightly touched on voice controls. Today’s update is much bigger while also addressing a few key limitations the wearable initially had. That being easy calling and messaging, web browsing, and full Google contact list support. We already received it today. Excellent stuff Google!

We can’t help but think of that darn little girl AT&T commercial “We want more” but Google’s +Project Glass social page has shared all of the details of this latest update. It’s officially known as version XE7, but they’re calling it MOAR MOAR MOAR. Read on to see what’s new with Glass.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.17.46 PM

Not only can you navigate, scroll, and zoom web pages with the new browser, but hands-free talking and interaction is looking good. The image above is our page neatly loaded up on Glass, and isn’t it glorious! Glass already had great voice commands, but now you can say “Ok, Glass. Read aloud” to hear an incoming message. All hands-free. The same can be said for “Ok, Glass. Send Message To,” make calls, or share a photo by saying “Ok, Glass. Share with” and more.

This should really improve the overall usage and hands-free experience device wide. The demo below is a quick look at web browsing. And remember, the experience is smoother on Glass than when streaming to the Galaxy S4.

With XE4 and 5 improving battery life, XE6 fixing the camera, and now XE7 working on web browsing and voice commands it’s obvious that Google is hard at work with Glass. We can’t wait to see what next month brings, and now all we need is a little price drop and we’ll be happy. Oh and here’s the full changelog for those interested.

SOURCE: +ProjectGlass



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