Google Glass once again made headlines when a movie theater owner “officially banned” the wearable. The details of the ban were shared by Tim League, who is the theater owner. But while the Glass being banned aspect was caught in many headlines — it seems League didn’t draw a firm line. Not to mention, Glass isn’t the only item he bans from use while the movies are playing.

The theater is the Alamo Drafthouse, and looking back to earlier in the month, here is what League had to say in regards to Glass; “Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once the lights dim for trailers.” He also clarified how this had been something in discussion for more than a year, and also how items such as Glass with prescription frames would be handled on a case by case basis.

Simply put, it seems League wasn’t targeting Glass as much as he was simply trying to prevent any attempt at piracy. Anyway, Tim League was recently interviewed by Glenn Beck and he talks a bit more about his decisions regarding Google Glass in the Alamo Drafthouse.

The interview measures in at just under 7 minutes in length, and aside from the aspect of Glass — it touches nicely on the aspect of disconnecting, or living in the moment. Bottom line here, if you remember the Alamo Drafthouse Google Glass ‘ban’ story from earlier in the month, this interview is a nice follow-up.