By far, navigation and travel are still the most common use cases for Google Glass. Those cases might just become even more common now that Tripit, Foursquare, and OpenTable are jumping onboard as the latest batch of Glassware apps available for the smart eyewear.

Google Glass does already have a couple of travel-related apps under its belt, including Field Trip, Word Lens, and, of course, Google Now, Search, and Maps. However, a whole community of users, not to mention data, have amassed around popular travel apps and services that are just begging to be used and abused on Google Glass. And now, they’re here to keep you from having reach for your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the go.


OpenTable brings the convenience of search for and reserving your dinners right at your fingertips and, now, in your eyes. Foursquare, though it has receded somewhat into the background, still remains a household name when it comes to checkins and location badgets. TripIt, on the other hand, is your one stop shop travel organizer, and it is now delivering all the convenient information that you need directly in front of you, without the need to whip out your smartphone. This includes flight schedules, flight delays, car rentals, hotel reserveations, and anything else you might have put into your TripIt travel planner.


While these apps may be available for free from Google’s Glassware collection, charges for premium services still apply.. For example, in the case of TripIt, Flight status alerts and notifications will require a TripIt Pro subscription, which you can get for a free 30 day trial and then for $49 per year.

SOURCE: +Google, TripIt