Google Fit Wellness Health

Health and wellness may not always be a top priority of most people but they should be. Especially in this time when most of us are always staying at home, it is important that we take charge of our physical health. There are plenty of devices, tools, equipment, and even outfit to help you going. Now, you just need to get up and start. If you still don’t know what to do, you can begin by checking out what Google Fit has in store for you.

With Google Fit and with the help of your phone camera, you can check your respiratory rate and heart rate. At launch, only Pixel phones with Google Fit app can do those. The feature will be available on more Android phones in the coming weeks.

How can you measure the heart rate and respiratory rate? For the heart rate, place a finger on your rear-facing camera. For the respiritory rate, place your head and upper torso in view of the selfie camera and then breathe normally. The app will “read” your movement.

Health and Wellness with Google Fit

We can’t say much about the accuracy of the process. The measurements are not meant for medical diagnosis. They will just help give you an idea if something is wrong. With the data you see, you can track and do things to improve on your health and wellness each day.

Save the data tracked so you can also monitor trends in the future. Keep your health and wellness information for a more accurate diagnosis by medical professionals. The sensors on your phone are already powerful coupled by more advanced computer vision. A phone can  track small physical signals such as the changes in the color of your fingers to check the heart rate or chest movements to measure respiratory rate.

Google has checked the features with clinical studies. This way, the results are validated. Google developers, researchers, and engineers, and even clinicians, are continuously looking for ways on how to make us and maximize everyday devices and sensors to provide people insights that may be helpful to the community.