We don’t hear much about updates for the Google Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. We only hear about it getting price cuts, issues, and root access. Over at Reddit, redditor GoogleNexusCM, a Verified Google Employee, shared yesterdat that an OTA update would be ready to roll out. And yes, it should be ready now. Just wait and be patient to receive an over-the-air notification on your Nexus 5X anytime soon.

The Google employee said that the developers took note of the Nexus 5X owners feedback and suggestions. Most bugs have been squashed so expect noticeable improvements on performance, stability, and connectivity. This release will also include the March security update for Android.

Not much details have been given but at least we know that a software update is finally ready and available for the Google Nexus 5X. Owners of the Nexus smartphone can now sleep that some errors can soon be fixed. GoogleNexusCM aka Orrin Hancock, Nexus Community Manager, used Reddit to share the good news. He also said that he would be monitoring the thread for further comments, suggestions, and feedback to be shared with the Google Nexus developers in Mountain View.

Some known problems noted earlier include phone is slow to open, can’t scan QR codes, and camera lags most of the time. Hopefully, the latest Nexus 5X will bring the necessary fix.

VIA: Reddit