It’s only been weeks since we’ve finally gotten to meet Google’s new line of Nexus smartphones – the smaller (but probably just as robust and effective) of the pair is the LG-made Google Nexus 5X. Compared to Huawei’s Nexus 6P, the Korean-made phone is visibly smaller, but a lot of props will go to it for being pocket-friendly and still being as snappy as it is. Now tweakers and modders find more reasons to love the Nexus 5X, as root access has been gained.

XDA forum member “TheDj408” has made his breakthrough available for everybody, but an early caveat – this is only for Google Nexus 5X models that are sporting the software build “mdb08i”. Using this method on any other build might produce catastrophic results for you, so please make sure of your software build before proceeding.


The process needs a PC with ADB installed, and your Nexus 5X connected to the PC for terminal commands. This process requires a number of data wipes on your phone – so you better backup whatever important data you have on your phone. You also need to be comfortable with flashing images both from ADB and from TWRP custom recovery. The full instructions and downloads are found at the official XDA thread via the source link below.

Root access is the gateway to tweaking your Android device, so we surmise a lot of you will be happy with this development. Stay tuned as we anticipate better processes and more root options for the Google Nexus 5X.