Aside from Irvine, San Diego, and Louisville, the Google Fiber team wants to explore three more cities: Oklahoma City on Oklahoma and Jacksonville and Tampa in Florida. Google knows these are growing tech-hubs just like the first three cities we mentioned so it’s planning to expand the high-speed Internet service where more people can benefit. Believe it or not, only a few Americans can enjoy gigabit speed Internet compared to some countries in Asia. Google aims to improve the stats by setting up fiber-optic networks all over the country.

These three cities will be added to the 15 metro areas Google is currently exploring to launch Google Fiber. Google starts by partnering with the local government and officials. The company will then review different factors like housing density, local infrastructure, electricity lines, water lines, city map, and the like.

The tech giant will work closely with people who know about these things to determine if and how they can lay the groundwork for the fiber network. No timeline or schedule has been provided but Google promised they will update the residents as the project progresses.

Having super fast Internet connection will allow employees, schools, and businesses to be more productive. They can accomplish more things if Internet access is fast so it makes sense that Google is focusing on tech hubs or places where business and technology are rapidly booming. For one, Oklahoma City is said to be the best city to launch a business in the US these days. Tampa Bay is the top 2 choice for young entrepreneurs while Jacksonville is the No. 10 city for getting tech jobs.

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog