Google Stadia players with access to LG Smart TVs have interesting news coming their way. The LG Smart TV running webOS 5.0 and webOS 6.0 can now download the game service on their television sets. This support has been extended to LG Smart TV users in 22 countries where Stadia is currently available. Native support for Stadia on LG TVs will ensure high-end games on the streaming service run well on the TVs delivering exceptional graphics, frame rates, and more.

Starting now, the gamers who own an LG Smart TV in any of the countries supporting Stadia services can begin playing their favorite titles unhindered. The only necessity will be a controller and you have access to over 200+ games in the Stadia store.

Google’s game streaming service has been trying hard to make a mark for itself; tirelessly luring players with promotional options and more. Only recently Stadia allowed gamers to use their phones as virtual gamepads with TV and now native support on LG Smart TVs is another move to tap a niche market.

Reportedly LG has a good market share in the American TV market. For Google, this estimated 12 percent market share of LG in America is a huge potential client base to reach. Gamers wanting to get on with the gaming spree on their LG TV can download an app from the LG Content Store, connect their favorite controller to the TV and get started.

Stadia is already available on most Android and Google TVs, this option to extend to a non-Android TV platform is probably the first. Considering the way Google is tying up with platforms – one after the other – it’s only time when its game streaming service will be widespread. This will translate into more users, which would be Stadia’s ultimate goal.


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