Adding to the list of ways to create far and wider adoption of Stadia, Google is rolling out a way for TV-bound gamers – without a game controller – to connect their phones and use the latter as virtual gamepad. The game streaming service is already very flexible when it comes to facilitating gamers to where they can play, and now with this feature, more players are likely to add up to the growing fad of Google Stadia.

Using the phone as a controller to play means you can now do without a physical controller, if you may, to use Google’s game streaming service on your TV. If you play the Stadia games on TV you can pair an Android or iPhone as a virtual gamepad or even use a dedicated gamepad by connecting it to the phone via Bluetooth or USB.

The feature called Phone Link will be really useful for TV-bound Stadia users who do not have a compatible controller or if their TV set does not support Bluetooth. The phone connectivity can let you save a little bit of money and enjoy gaming without a gamepad.

Using the phone as a touchscreen gamepad will not be the best way to enjoy the full potential of course. If you are an avid player, you will experience some latency, which is something the gaming controllers don’t show.

That said, this new feature from Google is a good way for streaming service users to fancy their chance of jumping on the bandwagon without investing in a controller. How easy it is to pair the phone to the TV and how efficiently will the games perform is really subject to the prowess of your devices.