This is clearly good news for all of us here who rely on the Google Play Store so much for apps, entertainment, productivity and such – Google has expanded its list of countries where it accepts payments via PayPal. We have been aching for PayPal support for the longest time, and in May this year, it seems that the gods of Google finally heard our cries.

Of course, it wasn’t a top-to-bottom, all countries kind of list – the initial move was to accept PayPal app purchases from 12 countries – namely Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the US, and the UK. This move, while surprising, was definitely accepted with positive support from the Android community.

Just recently, if you didn’t know, Google added to this list (together with a significant design and aesthetic update) – because really, if you didn’t live in the 12 countries listed above, that would still be a bummer. The added countries are these, for your information: Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and Sweden. This brings the list up to 18 countries now.

We hope this momentum will build to the point where we can say that majority of the countries enjoy PayPal purchase support at the Google Play Store, because the convenience is just miles and miles above having to use real plastic credit cards for your purchases.

VIA: Android Police