Just in case you all haven’t had enough of the famous Harlem Shake yet, our good friends at Google decided to make it fun for everyone. Yup, in the usual and amazing Google fashion we have another Easter egg for you all to try. If you don’t know what those are we suggest you Google “Google Easter Egg” and enjoy all the tricks.

Google’s been known for putting Easter eggs in everything from our browser, search results, Android OS versions, Chrome Browser, and now YouTube. Just head to Google and in the search field type “do a barrel roll” and watch the magic. Or during the holidays search “let it snow” to help you get into the winter spirit. Even Google’s Chrome Browser for Android has a few tricks.

From Nyan Cats in Android 4.0 to little Candy Canes floating around inside the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Easter egg and more. Google surely knows how to have fun, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. The Harlem Shake has sadly taken the internet world by storm. So in the usual Google fashion we can enjoy it their way. Simply head to YouTube and in the search field type “do the harlem shake” and watch the magic happen. Don’t forget to wait for the chorus though.

While this doesn’t really have anything to do with Android, it shares the same general idea behind all the awesome Easter eggs in our favorite mobile OS. Surely there will be some sort of neat Key Lime Pie Easter egg in Android 5.0, and we’ll find it as soon as possible at Google I/O in May. Keep up the good work Google! On that note I’ll leave you all with my personal favorite “Harlem Shake” video so far.



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