Less than two weeks after its official commercial release, the Google Duo app has hit a major milestone. It was Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself who announced that the new 1-to-1 video calling app has reached more than 5 million Android downloads in one week. There’s no mention about the iOS version but we won’t be surprised if that hits the same number.

We’ve known about this video chat app since the Google I/O conference where the tech giant announced it together with the Google Allo (not yet available). The Google Duo will soon support audio-only calls which makes it more beneficial for the mobile users.

The Google Duo is different from Hangouts. The latter is another standalone app but more for desktop use. This Google Duo is for mobile video calls only. It’s easy to use with a simple interface. You only need your mobile contact number to connect and contact another person. It’s fast and reliable as it automatically lowers resolution once it detects slow network or limited bandwidth.

It’s safe and secure with its end-to-end encryption. Making this more unique is the ‘Knock Knock’ feature that lets you see a live video of the caller before you answer. This way, you can know what’s he up to before you accept a video call.

SOURCE: Sundar Pichai