Most people are actually waiting for the huge 2.0 update to the Google Daydream app which is supposed to arrive later in the year. For now though, Google is still putting out improvements to their virtual reality (VR) portal app – most recently with the update to version 1.7 of the app.

First up, the Daydream Home interface has been updated a bit to help people discover new VR content. Google now uses a carousel of “Featured Apps” and “Apps You Should Try”, so that you can glance over and get to new content right away. The experience feels a lot like the Play Store.

Also, there are some Controller-specific updates, like the highlighting of physical button presses when users are in Daydream Home, Quick Settings, or the Play Store. Google also notes that “controller performance and reliability have been improved.”

Grab the update right now via the Play Store, if you haven’t updated already.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store