Google Find My Device Network

A few years back, the Android Device Manager app was renamed as ‘Find My Device’. The app has received several updates including support for indoor maps. The app was integrated with Fast Pair. It’s been pretty useful but maybe not as useful and efficient as the ‘Find My’ network of Apple. Google wants to improve on this area so it it is believed to be working on a similar feature. An Android version of the Find My network could be very helpful.

Google must be realizing Apple’s ways may be better, at least, in this area. The Android ecosystem is highly customizable but not as secure. Apple’s Find My network has proven to be efficient especially when the Cupertino released the AirTags. No doubt it is very helpful and effective.

Google could be working on a similar network of devices. There is no official announcement but an APK teardown reveals something close. The feature could be available not only on Android but the whole Google ecosystem that includes smartphones, tablets, smartches, smart devices, Chromebooks, and maybe even cars.

The interesting changes have been sighted on version 21.24.13 of the Google Play Services. It still is in beta but we see something like a Find My Device network that uses Google Play Services. The idea is for the “phone to locate your and other people’s devices”.

“Find My Device” is an app but it may soon expand into a “Find My Device” network. That’s something to look forward to by Android users. What do you think?


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