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Google Play Services allow most apps and device to improve further. Before you can update some Android apps, you may be required to update first the Google Play Services. There are different Android versions so there are mobile apps that may not be supported. The platform can be a bit complex but APIs make things easier. Unfortunately, there is an end to everything in life. And for Google Play Services, it will be discontinuing updates for API levels 14 and 15. This isn’t the first time the tech giant is doing this but it has to be done especially for older Android versions.

The latest casualties are API levels 14 and 15. The Android developers have announced they will be “deprecating” support for ICS Google Play services. This means if your phone still runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Google will not be updating the Play Services APK anymore after 14.7.99.

Not many developers and apps may be affected but we know there are a few who will be disappointed. The Google Play services SDK includes Google Play services APK interfaces to make sure certain features and functionality will work.

There are apps that use API levels 14 or 15 but that may change soon. A higher API level may still be updated or required.

If you still have apps that use API levels 14 or 15, you can still build and publish them on ICS devices but expect some errors. There may be fixes available but we highly suggest you do the following:

1. Target API level 16 as the minimum supported API level.
2. Build multiple APKs to support devices with an API level less than 16.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog


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